Korilog: Bioinformatics softwares
Korilog is shutting down

It is with an extremely heavy heart what we announce that today, June 8th, 2015, Korilog is ceasing operations.

This is a sad news for us to make and we want to assure our users, customers, investors and employees that we have worked hard to explore all potential options.

Over the past few years we created a new generation of sequence comparison tool, KLAST, along with our colleagues from Genscale Team (Inria, Rennes, France). From the simple command-line tool up to cloud deployment driven through effective graphical user interfaces, we are very proud of the work done.

Korilog softwares deployed at customer sites will continue to operate normally. However support will no longer be available.

Inria has released a free and fully working command-line version of KLAST, called PLAST: go to project.inria.fr/plast.

We want to thank the Korilog and Inria teams that have worked so hard on KLAST. We would also like to thank our customers and partners for their support, as well as our investors and board members.

The Korilog Team