Korilog's BlastViewer allows you to graphically explore BLAST results. The software provides basic graphical hit table and pairwise sequence alignment viewers. BlastViewer is capable of reading data files produced by the NCBI Blast (standard and PSI-Blast) and the EBI BLAST (standard, WU-Blast and PSI-Blast) servers.

From BlastViewer to ngKLAST/all-in-one Blast Workstation

As of November 12th, 2014, BlastViewer software is discontinued. Users are invited to get the Academic Free version of ngKLAST software, that contains same features as BlastViewer, and even more.

Please, follow this link to get ngKLAST Academic Version.

How to analyse Blast reports with ngKLAST

BlastViewer's features are now available within ngKLAST in a specific place: the Analyse Module. Simply switch to that module, from where you can directly open BLAST XML result files. For that purpose, use the toolbar located at the bottom left side of Analyse Module, as illustrated:




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