Korilog's Blast Viewer 2.5 is a freeware allowing you to graphically explore BLAST results. The software provides basic graphical hit table and pairwise sequence alignment viewers. Like ngKLAST (formerly KoriBlast), BlastViewer is capable of reading data files produced by the NCBI Blast (standard and PSI-Blast) and the EBI BLAST (standard, WU-Blast and PSI-Blast) servers.

You can read this document to see the advantages of ngKLAST, our sequence databases exploration platform relying on the new KLAST high-performance sequence comparison tool.

Download release 2.5

BlastViewer installation is quite easy. Just download the package corresponding to your operating system, install the software and run it!

Click on the appropriate image to download BlastViewer for your system.



Read more about BlastViewer system requirements. It is worth noting that BlastViewer is configured to use up to 1 Gb of RAM, in its default configuration. However, RAM usage can be increased, check this article.


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