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Korilog has been incorporated in 2007. The company designs innovative software and I.T. solutions for next-generation sequence data analysis. We closely associate human-computer interfaces, bioinformatics analysis methods and biological databanks to facilitate the use of heterogeneous biological information systems.

KLAST: a sequence similarity search tool

To help biologists to handle their every day analysis, we provide the KLAST technology: a fast, accurate and NGS scalable bank-to-bank sequence similarity search tool providing significant accelerations of seeds-based heuristic comparison methods, such as the Blast suite of algorithms.

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To provide researchers with state-of-the-art software tools, Korilog works in close collaboration with well-reknown partners: Inria (French National Research Center in Computer Science), CLC bio and Genostar. In such a way, our company is capable of delivering advanced tools covering a wide range of sequence analysis applications.

Korilog is supported by Technopôle pays de Vannes, ID2Santé, BPI France, Conseil Général du Morbihan and la Région Bretagne.

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