KoriViewer is a full-featured software aims at presenting dynamic graphical BLAST reports.

Main features include:
- Visualizing: alignments (pairwise and multiple), tables, trees, matrices, conserved regions, annotations, taxonomy
- Analysing: full results or subsets of hits
- Reporting: images, text, PDF, CSV, Fasta

KoriViewer accepts results from any Blast systems using NCBI or EBI XML data format. It is fully compatible with KoriBlast data sets (annotated Blast results).
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Uses cases
The KoriViewer system has been especially designed for public laboratories and sequencing companies to provide their users and customers with a modern Blast data presentation platform.

Play online with Blast data prepared using the KoriViewer system.
Web Application for Blast Servers

Relying on web-based technologies, the software can be easily deployed within existing sequence management infrastructures (e.g. Blast servers). This solution can be deployed if you want to integrate our graphical solution within your existing sequence search pipeline, enabling all the users of your platform to work with KoriViewer.

Get an overview of the KoriViewer system for bioinformatics/sequencing platforms.
However, if you just need a single user installation of KoriViewer, we can provide you with its standalone release. Install the software in a few seconds, then starts immediately analysing your data.
Go beyond the standard data
KoriViewer comes with a public API (application programming interface) enabling the easy integration of sequence data along with search results, enabling you to work with your in-house data providing facilities. Since KoriViewer contains viewers dedicated to these data, you can then explore them along with the alignments (see above screenshots).
This public API is 100% Java based and is very easy to use within existing data processing pipelines, allowing you to prepare data sets that can then be explored with KoriViewer. 

System requirements
KoriViewer is available for use on linuxlogo.png,maclogo.pngandwinlogo.png platforms. Read more.
You can link to this page by using www.koriviewer.com.
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