ngKLAST 4.5 is a software providing convenient tools to analyze, align and compare genetics and genomics sequences, as well as metagenomics and next-generation sequencing data (NGS). ngKLAST includes the KLAST high-performance sequence similarity search tool, as well as easy ways to use BLAST: locally and NCBI & EBI public servers.

With an easy-to-use workflow engine and a unified set of data viewers, the ngKLAST platform makes sequence databanks exploration accessible to every life science researcher. Sequence similarity search results can be enriched with biological classification data, such as NCBI Taxonomy, Gene Ontology and Enzyme.

ngKLAST can then be considered as a unique KLAST/BLAST workstation to produce quickly and efficiently high-quality results out of any kind of sequences: proteins, genes, reads, contigs, metagenomes, etc.

KLAST and BLAST services, local, NCBI, EBI and KServer

Main features

Databank Installation

  • Automatic deployment from remote servers
  • Install public databanks (NCBI, EMBL, Uniprot,...)
  • Prepare personal databanks
  • Manage sequences, annotations and biological classifications
  • Prepare taxonomic subsets from public databanks

Databank Search (KLAST and BLAST search)

Data Visualization

  • Sequences, 3D structures
  • Sequence Alignments (pairwise and multiple)
  • Tables, phylogenetic trees, position specific matrices
  • Conserved regions
  • Features, annotated Hit 2D plots
  • Biological Classification (NCBI Taxonomy, Gene Ontology, Enzyme, ...); NCBI Taxonomy: Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) analysis

Data Management

  • Analyse data using convenient viewers
  • Export data (text, spreadsheet, images, ...)
  • Organize data safely over time
  • Share data with other users

Databank Query

  • Sequences (nucleotides, proteins)
  • 3D structures
  • Query local and remote (NCBI, RSCB) services
  • Batch retrieval of sequences
  • Direct KLAST submission


Practical use cases of ngKLAST on next-generation sequencing data (NGS)

ngKLAST can be used for:

  • metagenomics, microbial communities analysis. Read more about the applications of ngKLAST for functional metagenomics analysis
  • full genome & proteome comparisons
  • microarray reannotations
  • taxonomy & phylogenetic analyses
  • pathways explorations
  • functional & structural studies of proteins
  • public and personal databanks management

Have a look at the ngKLAST videos, or contact us to discuss with you the opportunities of using ngKLAST for your research work.

The two Editions: ngKLAST vs. ngKLAST-LE

 ngKLAST is available with two releases. 
  ngKLAST The full edition of ngKLAST contains all the features above mentioned, especially a local KLAST engine as well as the Databank Manager. It is intended to be used on a desktop workstation.
  ngKLAST-LE ngKLAST-LE is the Light Edition of the software intended to be used for client-server installation in cooperation with the KLAST Server (see below). In this edition, ngKLAST-LE does not include a local KLAST engine, nor the Databank Manager since KLAST jobs are executed remotely using a KLAST Server.


Boost your work with the KLAST Server

ngKLAST can be used with the KLAST Server (or KServer). This software enables the use of a dedicated computer infrastructure to run KLAST jobs (Klast comparison + data retrieval + data filtering). The server software is compatible with SGE/OGE and PBS-Pro jobs scheduling systems.

Here is a snapshot of the two main solutions available to deploy the KLAST server:

KLAST Server - Architecture  - sequence search alignment structure tree phylogenetic bioinformatics genomics proteomics Software design bioinformatic analysis biological databanks biological information systems



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Korilog softwares are available for use on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.

All recent Linux systems should be fine Intel or AMD 64 bits processors
Windows Seven or above Intel or AMD 64 bits processors
MacOS-X 10.6 or above. Intel 64 bits processors.
ngKLAST release notes

ngKLAST release notes are available here.

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