DL-Serine Assay Kit

Properties Use: sufficient for 100 fluorometric tests Detection method: fluorometric Storage temperature: −20 ° C Related categories: Metabolism test kits General description Serine is one of the 20 natural amino acids used by all organisms in the biosynthesis of proteins. Having a single chiral centre, serine can exist as either of two stereoisomers (L-Serine and […]

Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix

Abstract Animal cells and tissue culture techniques are constantly being improved to optimize in vitro cell culture conditions. Protein coating of the extracellular matrix (ECM), chemical or physical modification of the cell culture vessel, have been shown to be efficient methods to better mimic cell behaviour in vivo. We describe the different coatings available below, […]

Fc Receptor Blocker

Product details Applications Flow cytometry (flow) Functional test (FN) Proven dilution: 20 µL / test Product specifications Species reactivity: Human Published species: Human, mouse, zebrafish Host/isotype: Does not apply Class: Polyclonal Writes: Antibody Conjugate: Unconjugated Form: Liquid Concentration: 1 mg / mL Purification: Affinity chromatography Storage buffer: PBS, pH 7.2 Contains: 0.09% sodium azide Storage […]

qPCR Retrovirus Titration (Titer) Kit

Introduction: The BioVision Retrovirus qPCR Quantitation Kit is used for the quantification of retroviruses. This kit employs a rapid RNA extraction step that can be conveniently and directly coupled with a qRT-PCR reaction. It is a simple one-step titration assay designed to offer high sensitivity and specificity. In this kit, the threshold cycle (Ct) values […]