Viral transport media

EKF Diagnostics has introduced a molecular transport medium called PrimeStore MTM (Molecular Transport Medium) that offers users a “snapshot” in time for a specific sample by stabilizing and preserving RNA and DNA.

PrimeStore MTM has been developed and enhanced for molecular testing, allowing users to collect, transport, and process pathogenic samples safely and efficiently. Millions of PrimeStore MTM tubes have been sold to customers around the world during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

The molecular transport medium has been designed to inactivate infectious biological pathogens, such as gram-positive/negative bacteria, as well as viruses while preserving and stabilizing labile RNA and DNA for subsequent molecular applications.

Viral Transport Media, or VTMs, were developed to transport flawless samples to be cultured before the extensive use of molecular testing. Such media also contain ingredients that suppress optimal molecular testing. On the contrary, PrimeStore MTM was developed and improved particularly for molecular testing.

PrimeStore MTM is the only FDA-approved Class 2 product developed for the storage and stabilization of microbial nucleic acids. As such, laboratories and hospitals trust PrimeStore MTM to offer more reliable and safe testing compared to saline, VTM / UTM, or research-only devices.

Labs have individually verified PrimeStore MTM with a variety of platforms including Thermo Fisher, Roche, Luminex, Siemens, Abbott, BioMerieux, Promega, PSS, Bio-Rad, and also the Cepheid GeneXpert point of care platform.

An important feature of PrimeStoreMTM is that it allows laboratory groups to process numerous tests from a single sample that has been stabilized and inactivated in PrimeStore MTM.

Numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles are available, dating from 2011 onwards. These articles support the application of PrimeStore MTM to detect pathogens from a variety of biofluid types and clinical matrices collected and processed in different countries. A selection of these is available on the EKF Diagnostics website,

Key features

  • Exclusive design
  • Multiple viruses can be tested from a single sample, including COVID-19 and flu
  • There are no requirements for the storage and transport of the sample in the cold chain.
  • Can be used with TB, COVID-19, HIV, Flu A, Flu B, and more
  • CE marked and FDA Class 2 approved

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