Welcome to Korilog

Korilog is a bioinformatics company providing the Life Science community with innovative software solutions in the key areas of data integration, visualization, and management. Relying on a team of experts in computer science and biology, Korilog provides state-of-the-art graphical environments enabling scientists to make progress in their research both quickly and easily.


Korilog designs and develops reliable graphical software environments dedicated to the exploration of biological sequence databanks. Discover KoriBlast, KoriViewer, and Metabolic Pathway Builder.

Bioinformatics Services

Korilog’s consulting mission is to support researchers in their R&D activities. We can assist you in the design and implementation of a wide range of bioinformatics solutions.

  • Design KoriBlast to meet your needs.
    Since KoriBlast is not limited to using the NCBI or EBI Blast search engine, we can assist you in enabling KoriBlast to use your own search system. Similarly, our platform can be adapted to use various kinds of biological data sources, such as your own databanks.
  • Design and implementation of specific software components and databases.
    We can help you to create tools to integrate, visualize or mine biological data. These tools can be provided as software components running either alone, inside some of your existing software, or inside KoriBlast.
  • Design and implementation of specific bioinformatics algorithms.

All customized solutions are made in close collaboration between you and our team which has great expertise in sequence analysis, molecular biology, structural biology, bioinformatics, and computer science.

Use cases

Here are two examples of consulting services we have done.